Post processing

Working on images after they have been shot.

Article 30/11 2014

My Lightroom Workflow

This is how I use Adobe Lightroom. There's a gazillion ways of doing it, but I have settled on my personal way.
Article 08/09 2014

Real men don't backup

Well, let me be honest: I'm not a real man. I back up my photos and files to an OCD like extent. And you should do the same.
Article 21/05 2014

Exporting photos for the web

Different JPG-compressions
If your photos are going on the web, there are several things you can do to get small files, yet decent image quality
Article 16/03 2014

Why digital is better than film

Film vs. digital
I keep reading these articles from film photographers about why film is MUCH better than digital. Pardon my French, but BS!
Article 28/08 2013

Film does not make you better

Shooting film is not the rite of passage to becoming a "real" photographer!
Article 20/01 2011

I shoot RAW for the future

There is an ongoing and almost eternal debate on the net about JPG versus RAW. I don't take part in it. I just shoot RAW and here is why.
Article 19/08 2008

I use Photoshop

I have used the world's leading photo-editing program for as a long as I can remember.
Article 16/03 2008

When Dust Matters

The dust problem is one of my main "exaggerated problems" with DSLR's. Judging from the online debates, many camera owners do nothing but shoot white walls at f22 in the pursuit of dust.
Article 23/01 2007

Digital black&white

Updated: B/W images can be stunning, and converting digital color images to B/W can produce some surprisingly good results – provided you do it the right way.
Article 14/08 2006


Should you shoot in RAW- or JPG-format? Or TIFF? Or something completely different?