The things that take pictures.

Article 06/09 2017

Oh, I love that slapping mirror!

In spite of people's warm feelings for mirrorless and the gazillion great photos shot with camera phones, I don't intend to give up my SLRs any time soon
Article 13/02 2016

Unused potential

I think that most of us don't come anywhere near using the potential in our cameras, and that honing skills and craft is a much better investment than buying new gear
Article 02/03 2013

Here comes the photographer!

It's amazing what large cameras can do for you when you are out shooting. They can literally open doors and break down fences.
Article 23/02 2013

I love (and I loathe) the Fuji X100

There's no doubt that the Fuji X100 is a fantastic camera, and I use mine all the time and love it. But man, there's a bunch of Fuji engineers who deserve a severe spanking!
Article 03/10 2011

What's in my bag

I see these articles and videos all over the web, and like them. Despite claiming the opposite, we're obsessed with gear, aren't we? Here is my gear list.
Article 30/08 2007

Reasons not to replace my D200

I am sure I will keep on taking great pictures with my D200 in spite of Nikon's recent announcement of a D300 and a D3.