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Article 25/06 2019

Using Manfrotto Arms

I have been using the Manfrotto Arms extensively in stead of tripods and other camera platforms. Here are my experiences.
Article 03/08 2015

DIY macro flash tube

This neat little macro tool was originally made from a Pringles can. I decided to make an upgraded version.
Article 17/02 2015

My remote release ecosystem

Since I often take pictures of myself, I use remotes quite a bit and have amassed a collection of flexible and practical remote solutions for my cameras - even a DIY foot release
Article 03/08 2014

Camera Obscura Update

I have equipped my camera obscura with some better hardware to get better control and in the end better images with it.
Article 10/07 2014

The Camera Obscura

I supported a successful Kickstarter campaign which aimed to make a small and inexpensive Camera Obscura. I received and built my camera – and I already love it.
Article 20/01 2014

I don't use filters

I don't use physical filters on my lenses and I very rarely use digital filters on my image files