The act of taking pictures.

Article 08/09 2020

599 emptied plates

Everybody shoots colorful and stylish images of delicious meals and posts them online. I ate the meals and photographed the empty plates
Article 12/10 2018

9 battery saving settings

How to set your SLR to be faster, save battery, save card space – and potentially let you take better photos at the same time. Yes, it's possible!
Article 13/09 2017

I'm a wheelchair photographer

In the wheelchair shooting in Nice, France
No, I don't mean a someone who takes pictures of wheelchairs or of people in wheelchairs, but a photographer sitting in a wheelchair. That's what I am.
Article 09/09 2017

10 Golden Rules

The favorite rule has to be the last one, but the nine first are very useful too.
Article 22/02 2016

The best camera

Real camera or phone
Being a photographer with a love for big cameras with lots of facilities and flexibility, means that the best camera is not always what I have with me
Article 13/02 2016

Unused potential

I think that most of us don't come anywhere near using the potential in our cameras, and that honing skills and craft is a much better investment than buying new gear
Article 06/06 2015

Why you should see Blade Runner

OK, it's my own all time favorite movie, so I'm biased here, but I still think there's a lot to learn for any photographer.