Compact cameras with fixed lenses.

Article 23/02 2013

I love (and I loathe) the Fuji X100

There's no doubt that the Fuji X100 is a fantastic camera, and I use mine all the time and love it. But man, there's a bunch of Fuji engineers who deserve a severe spanking!
Article 06/06 2007

How to drown a Canon PowerShot

It is not easy! They are tough cameras these PowerShots. I have tried with freshwater, saltwater and even coffee.
Article 11/07 2006

Canon Powershot A80

My specimen of this little gem is closing in on 10,000 pictures, and has been a very useful and versatile tool
Article 11/07 2006

Nikon CoolPix 775

My first real digital point-and-shoot camera. Back from when 2 megapixels was the standard. It has taken some really excellent pictures in spite of that.