Published August 26th 2013

I bought myself a Roundflash


I bought myself a Polish, collapsible ringflash adapter, and it's really neat!

Shot with the Roundflash. The specular lights are big and almost disappear.
I recently read about the Polish Roundflash adapter, which is a collapsible ringflash adapter. It looked really neat and the price was just 100 Euros plus postage, so I immediately ordered one. And it is really a fine product. I comes in a small bag, but expands to become 45 centimeters or almost 18 inches in diameter, which is a good deal larger than my Orbis. I haven't shot a lot with it yet, but I'm sure I will, because its size means that it can double as a small softbox.

It expands and collapses very easily and reminds me of my Lastolite reflectors, just slightly more complex. The Roundflash expands to become a large and thick dish with a hole in the middle, and the camera with a flash mounted easily attaches using the bungee cord in the lens hole and the Velcro/rubber strap for the flash. The whole camera/flash assembly sits very well on the adapter once it's secured. It can be a little tricky to get to hold the camera properly and get to some controls, but it's not impossible or totally awkward.

The adapter gives a really nice, even and smooth light and has the usual ringflash traits: circular catchlights (although big ones) and almost no shadows when used close up as well as the typical diffuse ringflash shadows when used at a distance with a wall behind the subject. This is a flash accessory I'm going to use a lot.

The Roundflash is pretty large.

Compared to the Orbis Ringflash it's bigger and is useful as a softbox when used off-camera. It's also more practical because it collapses and packs down easily. On the other hand it does fill quite a bit when mounted on the camera, and hauling the combo around at an event might not be difficult, but the setup is a bit more clumsy and perhaps a bit intimidating to the subjects.

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