The act of taking pictures.

Article 10/10 2006

Urban landscapes

Even though you can't get to fabulous landscapes, mountains and widestretched plains, you might be able to shoot some 'scapes any way. Cityscapes...
Article 08/10 2006

The FPS-craze

Frames per second or FPS can sell cameras. This seems pretty crazy to me. The average Joe does not need 5 or 8 FPS...
Article 27/08 2006

Crazy shots

Sometimes you need to go a bit berserk, do the unexpected and surprise yourself by breaking some of the rules
Article 05/08 2006

The perfect histogram

I know very well that the perfect histogram does not exist, but knowing what to aim for can be a great help.
Article 26/07 2006

Never throw away a picture!

When you start shooting digital, you may also start shooting dozens of thousands of images, and it's easy to be tempted to clean out once in a while. Don't!
Article 24/07 2006

LCD-displays on DSLR's

Why Minolta's way of using the large display on the backside of their DSLR's is such a brillant idea
Article 20/07 2006

Definition of a pro

What defines a professionel photographer and is it something you really want to be?
Article 16/07 2006

The golden section

This concept is a universal composition rule, which should be understood -- at least in part -- by all photographers.
Article 11/07 2006


The single best advice I can give with regards to configuring your digital camera is to systematically underexpose all images
Article 28/06 2006

Rapid lens changes

Why have a camera with interchangeable lenses if you don't change them?