The act of taking pictures.

Article 28/08 2013

Film does not make you better

Shooting film is not the rite of passage to becoming a "real" photographer!
Article 02/03 2013

Here comes the photographer!

It's amazing what large cameras can do for you when you are out shooting. They can literally open doors and break down fences.
Article 15/02 2011

Exercise your photography muscles

Bring your camera, take pictures, have fun, become a better photographer,
Article 18/10 2010

Simple setups

I often use some very simple ”studio” setups to shoot small items in my office or my living room, even my bedroom. There's no reason to make things too complicated.
Article 27/07 2010

My to see list

Films are a great source of inspiration... These are the ones I'm gonna see when they come.
Article 26/06 2010

Why free can make you money

Giving stuff away for free can be a very good way of making money. I have written about that before, and the current economic state of the world makes this even more true.
Article 26/06 2010

Ten movies that inspired my photography

Motion pictures have severely influenced my photography. Pictures in movies are generally very well thought through and well executed. Here's a list of my ten favorites.
Article 10/06 2008

Why your images are worthless

Trying to make money photography is a very long shot. The market is so saturated with quality pictures at extremely low prices that getting a foothold is close to impossible.
Article 20/02 2008

I'm a film shooter

No, it's not like I shoot film. I did go 100% digital the moment I acquired my first DSLR. But my photographic upbringing was in film, and that still marks my way of thinking and shooting.
Article 23/01 2007

Digital black&white

Updated: B/W images can be stunning, and converting digital color images to B/W can produce some surprisingly good results – provided you do it the right way.