The act of taking pictures.

Article 22/02 2016

The best camera

Real camera or phone
Being a photographer with a love for big cameras with lots of facilities and flexibility, means that the best camera is not always what I have with me
Article 13/02 2016

Unused potential

I think that most of us don't come anywhere near using the potential in our cameras, and that honing skills and craft is a much better investment than buying new gear
Article 06/06 2015

Why you should see Blade Runner

OK, it's my own all time favorite movie, so I'm biased here, but I still think there's a lot to learn for any photographer.
Article 08/09 2014

Real men don't backup

Well, let me be honest: I'm not a real man. I back up my photos and files to an OCD like extent. And you should do the same.
Article 30/08 2013

I stopped chimping

Yes I stopped looking frantically at the LCD on the back of my digital cameras after each and every shot. And I think it has made me take better pictures.
Article 28/08 2013

Film does not make you better

Shooting film is not the rite of passage to becoming a "real" photographer!
Article 02/03 2013

Here comes the photographer!

It's amazing what large cameras can do for you when you are out shooting. They can literally open doors and break down fences.
Article 15/02 2011

Exercise your photography muscles

Bring your camera, take pictures, have fun, become a better photographer,