Published February 15th 2015

What I learned in week 7

I do love my Fuji X100

And I love it more than I loathe it. I have to admit that it's more and more becoming my goto camera – the one I grab when I'm on my way to the city center with my wife, going to a family birthday party or just walking the dog in the neighborhood.

The camera delivers some of the best shots I can imagine and it's lightweight, discrete and silent.

I would love for it to be more responsive with its autofocus and it has become slightly prone to overexposing even though I have set it to underexpose a full stop.

But in spite of all this its great 23mm lens and the X-Trans sensor just delivers one great shot after the other.

I'm very pleased.

Building a website is fun

OK, I knew that already before this week. I do web site construction and redesign tasks on a regular basis as my paid job, and have always found it to be a lot of fun and full of great challenges.

I gave a small overhaul and made all the elements appear in the same basic designs on the front pages.

I also added large galleries with more images than my usual What I shot series, and that series also got a makeover and some technical changes.

To top it off I added some new links back and forth between all sections, meaning that images can lead to gear and gear can lead to articles - heck, all elements can lead to each other, meaning that there's a larger coherence between the different sections.

Gear used: