Getting the whole scene - and the some.

Things 25/11 2014

What I learned in week 47

My Sigma 20mm is not sharp - I shoot very little these days
Things 14/09 2014

What I learned in week 37

Mail from Ukraine - No rest for Vivian Maier - The 20mm f/1.8 lives
Article 03/11 2013

The honest 35mm

For some reason some photographers seem to think that a 35mm lens is about as boring and bland as a lens can get. I beg to differ.
Article 27/10 2013

Ultra wideangle samples

Simple samples shot to demonstrate the differences between the Sigma 10-20mm, the Sigma 8-16mm and the Nikon 10.5mm fisheye. You can click on samples to see larger copies of the images.
Article 19/09 2013

Sigma 8-16mm

The Sigma ultra wideangle zoom is a fantastic lens, but not easy to use and not perfect for all situations where a wideangle is useful