Published December 28th 2013

Gitzo 6X Explorer tripod


This Gitzo tripod is different than most tripods - even Gitzo's own. The construction is very compact with legs in four sections and it collapses into a very small package. Being made from carbon fiber and magnesium also makes it very light, so the name Explorer is very suitable. It's an excellent travel tripod.

It's still sturdy, can become tall enough to be in my eye height and is very flexible with regards to leg position and angling of the center column. It can easily hold a large camera and I have no problems mounting my D300s with a battery pack and the Nikkor 70-20mm f/2.8 and still feel that I have capacity left.

Precise name: 
Series 2 6X Explorer 4S. G-Lock
Gear type: 
Tripod, tripod accessory
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