Published July 29th 2016

Another CASE

I supported another IndieGoGo project. Another remote solution from the Chinese CheeringTech Team whose CASE remote I already own.

I often support crowd funded projects, and love photography projects in particular.
CASE Remote Air

A few years ago I supported the Chinese project CASE Remote, and got a great little remote control system for my SLR's. This time CheeringTech Team - the people behind - have upped the ante and are making an even cooler remote solution called CASE Remote Air.

The basic function is the same: a small gadget that you place on or near the camera and connect with a cable. Then you can access the box with a phone, a tablet or a computer and remotely control the camera. The new incarnation of the CASE Remote has several improvements over the old one including smaller size, better battery life and way more facilities such as time lapse, HDR and focus stacking support, image transfer, support for en external power source and much more.

The campaign is still running (July 2016) and you can support it to get a CASE Remote Air. The least expensive early bird offers are gone, but for 84.- USD and shipping you can get one. Since the retail price is supposed to be $199.- that's a pretty good saving right there, and as the support is growing, more and more perks are added to the package such as different cables and other accessories.

The estimated delivery is in October 2016, so there's still a little time to join in.

Here is an article about remotes and the older CASE too.