Published July 27th 2010

My to see list


Films are a great source of inspiration... These are the ones I'm gonna see when they come.

I have mentioned film as a great inspiration before and cinema will continue being a great place to find ideas as well as nice experiences.

Here are a few movies that I intend to see as soon as I can:


I did see Inception, and it's an OK film, but it's nowhere near being the third best film ever! (Since I wrote this it has slipped down to a 14th spot). Nolan is very good, but in my eyes Memento is still his masterpiece and much better, and Interstellar that came out after this article was originally published is orders of a magnitude better than Inception... well, maybe not but way better at least.

The American

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

I also managed to catch this on DVD, and sure Gilliam is a great instructor, but in this case I think he has made another M√ľnchausen: a large and visually noisy movie, not bad, but not really good either, and it does not match his best, which I still consider Brazil and Twelve Monkeys.