Bits of glass to mount on your camera.

Article 21/08 2015

Understanding tilt-shift lenses, 2

Part 2: Arax/Photex 85mm f/2.8 tilt/shift
Article 21/08 2015

Understanding tilt-shift lenses, 1

Part 1: How tilt/shift lenses work and how you can use them.
Article 28/09 2014

Bad in the good way

So you want pictures that are low quality and trashy in a cool and trendy way? Time to get a hold of some odd gear to put in front of your SLR.
Article 06/03 2014

The Lomography Petzval lens

The Petzval in all its brassy glory
Lomography has succeeded on almost all levels with their copy of the Petzval lens. The finished result is beautiful and a real piece of kit.
Article 20/01 2014

I don't use filters

I don't use physical filters on my lenses and I very rarely use digital filters on my image files
Article 27/11 2013

Uhmmm, pancakes...

I always loved the look of the ultra-compact pancake lenses. Now I own two.
Article 03/11 2013

The honest 35mm

For some reason some photographers seem to think that a 35mm lens is about as boring and bland as a lens can get. I beg to differ.