Published August 24th 2013

New site

Keywords: got an update... and a blog. This is the first blog entry about exactly that.

The old site might not be the most popular or the most visited photo page on the web, but I enjoy writing articles for it and have had some fun during the years - as well as some nice response, so I have decided to update the system that runs the site from my home made CMS to the system I work with professionally: Drupal.

That will give me many advantages, not least the ability to add new facilities without having to program them myself. Drupal offers an enormous selection of functions and facilities, which can be installed and activated without too much work. That is why the site now has a blog. This is the first blog entry. I have wanted a blog for a long time and even started programming it, but wound up spending my time shooting in stead of developing - coding that is... not developing film.