Things are are odd and slightly on the fringe.

Article 21/08 2015

Understanding tilt-shift lenses, 2

Part 2: Arax/Photex 85mm f/2.8 tilt/shift
Article 21/08 2015

Understanding tilt-shift lenses, 1

Part 1: How tilt/shift lenses work and how you can use them.
Article 28/09 2014

Bad in the good way

So you want pictures that are low quality and trashy in a cool and trendy way? Time to get a hold of some odd gear to put in front of your SLR.
Article 03/08 2014

Camera Obscura Update

I have equipped my camera obscura with some better hardware to get better control and in the end better images with it.
Article 10/07 2014

The Camera Obscura

I supported a successful Kickstarter campaign which aimed to make a small and inexpensive Camera Obscura. I received and built my camera – and I already love it.